International certification of medical tourism clinics Medical Tourism International


The certification covers the 10 key blocks of criteria. The criteria are selected in such a way that they directly influence the ability of a medical organization to attract foreign patients. After passing certification, a medical organization gets access to dozens of channels for attracting foreign patients.

Which clinics are suitable for Medical Tourism International certification:

General hospitals
Specialized clinics
State medical centers
Private medical centers
In-patient clinics
Out-patient clinics
Number of criteria by certification class

The Medical Tourism International certificate will allow your clinic to:

Join the international club of medical tourism leaders
Work within common tried-and-true standards
Attract more foreign patients
Get access to the unified knowledge base on medical tourism
Become a center of expertise for other clinics in Russia
Stages of certification
Remote audit
The stage of conducting an audit of the level of compliance with the certification criteria; determining the potential certificate class.
The plan of conversion
The stage of preparing a medical organization to meet the minimum-sufficient level of criteria for the target class of the certificate.
The award of the certificate
The award of the certificate and inclusion of a medical organization in the channels for attracting foreign patients.
Medical Tourism International facts and figures
340 control criteria
in 10 key blocks
21 days
is a minimum period for obtaining the first certificate
4 macro-regional offices
North and Latin America; European Union; middle East and Southeast Asia; CIS
The heads of representative offices of Medical Tourism International
Jerry Byers
Head of representative office in the macroregion of North and Latin America
Lourdes Garcia
Head of representative office in the macro-region of the European Union
Fatima Fakhri
Head of representative office in the macroregion of middle East and Southeast Asia
Alexandra Petrusha
Head of representative office in the macroregion of Russia and the CIS
Accredited representative office
On the territory of the Russian Federation
Ltd "Center of Export of Health Services"
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